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Wash. U. Washington University Division of Comparative Medicine - my academic home - for the use of this server, an HP Netserver E 800.
AALAS AALAS - the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science, for backing the concepts of electronic communication among laboratory animal veterinary professionals since 1992.
AWIC AWIC - the USDA Animal Welfare Information Center, a division of the National Agricultural Library, for the early funding and development of their first website in 1995.
AVMA AVMA - for licensing the NetVet and Electronic Zoo sites as part of the AVMA network.
Gopher Shariq Siddiqui - graduate student in Engineering - Washington University - for helping me compile the last text version of the Electronic Zoo and assemble the original Electronic Zoo GopherServer, now defunct, in 1993-1994.
Hacker Greg Fee - undergraduate Student in Computer Science - Washington University - for converting many of the Animal Welfare Information Center bibliographies and newsletters to HTML and digitizing many veterinary pathology images.
Vetlogo Scott Trasti  - veterinary student - North Carolina State University - for generously donating the fine veterinary aesculapian staff you see on the opening page and throughout many of the NetVet web pages.
Electronic Zoo Tim Jurkovitch - for creating the Electronic Zoo logo as seen on and the AWIC Logos as seen on
Electronic Zoo Electronic Zoo Image Map - seen on, that is the product of a combination of WordPerfect and Microsoft's Powerpoint software.
Pick Paige Parsons - of the House Rabbit Society for enhancing the logo used on the Pick of the Litter page.
3D cat Robin ? for creating the 3-D Cat graphic created the on the Animal Images page.
Flag Christopher J.S. Vance - creator of An Incomplete Collection of World Flags website, where I got all the flags for my Veterinary College page. Grace Calvert - future veterinarian and friend to animals, who contributed the domain name,, which should lead you back here.
Links Cast of 1000's - So many people now have veterinary and animal webservers that once did not exist. What you see from this server is almost a chronicle of their appearance. Without them, there would be nowhere to go. Thanks go out to everyone.
Kids My Family - last, but definitely not least. They indulge me. :-)


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