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Comments and suggestions about the NetVet book from Mosby or the NetVet and Electronic Zoo websites are welcome anytime. The websites form part of the AVMA Network. If you choose to write to me, I'll be happy to also forward your comments to AVMA. Note, there is a separate New or Changed URL Form if you just want to tell me about new or updated sites.

The form for comments is just below, but first & foremost:

If you have veterinary or animal-related questions,

You should always consult your Personal Veterinarian!

In practically every instance, he or she will have the advantage of taking a complete medical history and physically examining your animal. They would also be in a much better position to diagnose the illness, establish a prognosis, and make recommendations about appropriate therapy. It would be imprudent for me to second-guess other professionals' judgement.


There are lists of Pet Health Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) available on the web. The answer to your question might already be there. Check out these following helpful sites: &


You can also join one of several Email Discussion Lists, where others interested in veterinary medicine and/or specific animal species are available to answer questions.


Veterinary Colleges all over the world will see referral cases and there are several Other Veterinarians with home pages on the Web who may also answer your questions.


As much as I enjoy helping people and animals, the demands of a family, a fulltime job, and the hours invested in working on this project and others, unfortunately, leave very little time for answering all the veterinary questions that constantly pop up in my email. Thousands of people visit this website each day. If I answered everyone asking me for veterinary advice, I would never get any of my real work done. Please use the resources suggested above. Thank you very much for visiting this webserver and for your consideration!


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