Pick of the Litter

July 5-11


Now that the fireworks are over, back to what's new and interesting on the web. Last week, Petsmart relaunched its website, sporting a nice look and easy system to order pet supplies. There's a section devoted to asking veterinary-related questions as well as a smart pet guide with information on pet care and behavior. They also will donate a dollar for each pet registered on the site to the American Humane Association. Worth a look-see.

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"Pick of the Litter" is my humble attempt to distinguish the best among the thousands of web sites you'll find throughout the NetVet and Electronic Zoo pages. Many of you have probably seen something like the Cool Site of the Day, etc. Though definitely an honor to be considered in lists like that, it is rare when a good animal-related Internet site is given due recognition. I appreciate the hard work and efforts of those people who maintain animal/pet/veterinary/science web pages and a new site will be featured here each week.

Why the wiener dog? Let's just say I have a sense of humor about what kind of dogs I married into ;-)

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