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The NetVet and Electronic Zoo websites have received an incredible amount of recognition from diverse portions of the Internet: general search engines and guides, agricultural sites, animal sites, science sites, medical sites, educational sites, kid's sites, and too many others to classify.

In addition, both sites have been favorably featured in numerous books, magazines, newspapers, videos, CDrom collections, radio and television shows, and contests. I sincerely appreciate all the recognition, great or small, and thank everyone for their support over the years!

Sites Featuring NetVet / Electronic Zoo

Internet Awards for NetVet or the Electronic Zoo

NetGuide 5 Star Site BBC Online Web Guide Microsoft Network Science & Technology Cool Link
Lycos Point Top 5% Argus Clearinghouse Approved NIH World Wide Web Interest Group Cool Site of the Month
Magellan 4 Star Site GNN Best of the Net 95 Nominee New Scientist Magazine Hot Spot
InfoSeek Select Site SciCentral Selection National Network of Libraries of Medicine BioSite
Excite 4 Star Site HMS Beagle Web Pick Progressive Farmer Online Best of the Internet
AOL NetFind 4 Star Site 6 Senses HealthCare Leading Site ZooNet Gold Paw Award
Webcrawler Select Site Health Explorer Best Site Louisville Zoo Cool Site of the Day
The Web 100 MedSite Hot Site Edinburgh Veterinary Zoological Society Site of the Month
LookSmart Best of the Web New Scientist Site of the Day Carriage Association of America 5 Star Award
BigBook Shortlist Biologie Golden Top Site Pet Groomers Pages Award of Excellence
Golden Bone Hall of Honour Leading Learning Fountain Award Too Cool School House Educational Site of the Week
Bacon's Favorites Youth Compass Ultimate Destination Houghton Mifflin Company Invitations to Literacy Program
StudyWeb Featured Site AAA Web's Best Kids Links ICONnect Curriculum Sites for Science
UniGuide Academic Guide to the Internet K5 Kids Club Cool Site MidLink Magazine Best Websites in Cyberspace
Kaplan Student Choice Award Co-NECT Top Ten Educator's Guide to the Internet Illinois Area 6 Learning Technology Hub Web Pick of the Week
Exploratorium Top 10 Cool Science Sites Homeschool Link of the Week WATPA Family Site of the Month
Education World Education Site Award Best of the Net Learning in Motion Top Ten List
CHESS Site of the Day KidSite of the Week Community Learning Network Nuggets
Idea Box Site of the Week Alaska Fox 4 Kids Club Site Top Ten Veterinary Sites
Fun Site of the Day Editor's Choice Award Britannica Internet Guide (2 Star Site)
KidsWorld Cool Links Taxi Top Site CyberMom Dot Com 2 Hot 2 Handle Site of the Day
Teen-Net Cool Site of the Week SelectSurf Site BlockBuster What's Cool Site
NetLearning Online Resource Guide Luckman's Best of the Web (5 Globes) UKplus Editor's Choice
Gakkos (NEC Global Classroom) Mining Company Best of the Net Real Estate Library Pure Gold Site
IBM K-12 Education Link Maczynski's Info Service Super Site Cool Site of the Nite
Wave of the Day 100 Hot Web Sites (College Sites) XPlore Site of the Day
Virtuocity Select Site NedSite Best of the Net WebTrips Site of the Week
eScout Best of the Web Web 500 Top Links Planet Earth Top 100 Sites
Superstars of the Web Suite 101 Top 5 Web Site Cool Central Site of the Hour
A#1 Quality Directory Site of the Week Eye on the Web Eye Site Computer Currents Interactive Link of the Week
Russian Internet All Stars 10 Best on the Web Web HomePages Top 1%
IBM.Net Feature Site Walcoff Golden Nuggets Blue Planet's Top 50 Cool Sites
Cyber-Teddy's Top 500 Web Site FUZCO Site Callisto Site du Jour
Spider's Pick of the Day Freehand's Unusual or Deep Site of the Day Access to the World Cool Link of the Week
EZ Connect Best of the Net Planet Oasis Feature Site Jump City's Best of the Web
SuperNet Hot Site Ranebow Award Blonde Ambition Hit List
MosCom Web Site of the Week 451 Hot Web Site Kansas City's Online Cool Connections
Cool Links Site of the Week Ft-Wayne.Com Cool Site Hot Links Virtual Tour Site
CyberSites Top 10 Cool Sites Portage Internet Connection HotSpot Treasures on the Internet
WebTrack Top 250 Sites Twoey's Coolest Links HomePC 500 Best Web Sites, 1996

NetVet or Electronic Zoo Featured in

Web Guide Magazine (March-April, 1998) Kodak PhotoChat (February, 1998) DVM Newsmagazine (January, 1998)
PC World (October, 1997) Clínica Veterinária-Brazil (July, 1997) Esquire Magazine (July, 1997)
Internic Scout Report (June, 1997) Tampa Tribune (May 7, 1997) I-Way Magazine Top 500 Web Sites
.net Magazine's 100 Best Web Sites NetGuide Magazine (April, 1997) Clínica Veterinária-Brazil (March-April, 1997)
Dairy Today (March, 1997) Boston Globe (February 3, 1997) Charlotte Observer Online
NetGuide Magazine (March, 1997) WebNow Magazine (Winter, 1997) HomePC (December, 1996)
Lab Animal Magazine (November, 1996) Successful Farming Magazine (November, 1996) KidsWorld Magazine (Fall, 1996) (August, 1996) Virtual City Magazine (Summer, 1996) HomePC (August, 1996)
Stern Online (June, 1996) Online Access Magazine (May, 1996) NetSurfer 12 Sites of Christmas, 1996
Yahoo Internet Life Trincoll Journal (Oct. 26, 1995) Beef Today (October, 1995)
Net Guide Magazine (October, 1995) .net Magazine Site of the Month (Sept., 1995) Internet World Magazine (May, 1995)
HomePC (January, 1995) NetSurfer Digest (June, 1994) CompuServe Magazine 21 Web Faves (Nov 95)
Yahoo Japan Internet Guide Online PC-Novice Guide to the Web Internic Scout Report (June, 1994)
The Internet TourBus Mosby's NetVet Veterinary Guide to the Internet BBC Really Useful Show (March, 1998)
Wild Discovery Wired (Discovery Channel Jan 1998) WebTV Feature Site WebPassport Feature Site
PBS Television Show Internet! Grandmaw's on the Net Video National Public Radio's Science Friday
Jeff and Kitty's CyberSweep Radio Program KFBK CyberSplash KTSA CyberCity
Walking the World Wide Web Premiere Site Neal-Schuman's Internet Compendium O'Reilly's Whole Internet User's Guide & Catalog
Ventana Nifty Site of the Week A2Z - The Most Popular Web Sites (Editor's Choice) What's on the Web
Farmer's Guide to the Internet Rough Guide to the Internet & WWW Ziff-Davis's Atlas to the World Wide Web
MIS Press Dogs on the Web No Starch Press Internet for Cats maranGraphics Internet and WWW Simplified
Complete Idiot's Guide to the Internet Macmillan Press World Wide Web Top 1000 QUE's Using the World Wide Web
Macmillan's Publisher's Pick Award SetOff Site of the Day Riddler's 10K Choice
Software Publisher's Association CyberSurfari 95 Site General Media's Lost Dog on the Internet 1997 Internet Easter Egg Hunt

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