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The following disclaimer applies to the information, services, products, software or mailing list postings found on the NetVet webserver. Neither Ken Boschert, DVM nor Washington University make any representations with respect to the contents hereof and specifically disclaim any implied or express warrants of merchantability or fitness for any particular usage, application or purpose.

The material provided on NetVet and the Electronic Zoo is designed for educational and entertainment purposes only. Neither Ken Boschert, DVM nor Washington University is engaged in providing veterinary medical services via this communications medium. You should not rely on information in the web pages, databases, mailing lists or other areas of NetVet or the Electronic Zoo in lieu of consultation with a veterinarian or other pet health care professionals.

The compilation of material on NetVet and the Electronic Zoo, including its design, organization, and the terms "NetVet" and "Electronic Zoo", are copyrighted by Ken Boschert, DVM, and may not be reprinted or electronically reproduced unless prior written consent is obtained from the author. Links can be made to any of these materials from your WWW pages, however, please LINK to the original documents. Copying and/or serving from your local site is only allowed with permission.

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Material placed on this server does not necessarily reflect the views of Ken Boschert, DVM or Washington University. Any mention of commercial products or services within these web pages is simply to be inclusive and does not constitute any endorsement.

I cannot verify all the resources you will find here. If you cannot find what you are looking for, try Searching the Web, or consider your local public library. When it concerns your pet, ALWAYS consult your personal veterinarian.

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