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All the Virology on the WWW (Tulane University)


Animal Acupuncture Academy

Animal Chiropractic And Holistic Health Forum

Animal Diseases (Karolinska Institute)

Animal Diseases (Nebraska Extension Publications)

Animal Health in Australia

Animal Health Information (AVMA)

Animal Virus Information System (University of Poona, India)

ANS 105 - Introduction to Companion Animals (North Carolina State University)

ANS 130 - Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals (NCSU CVM)

ANS 230 - Nutrition and Growth of Domestic Animals (NCSU CVM)

ANS 311 - Principles of Animal Nutrition (Oregon State University)

ANS 400 - Companion Animal Management (North Carolina State University)

ANS 580 - Mammalian Endocrinology (North Carolina State University)

ANSC 495C - Animal Health Management (Purdue University)

AnSci 312 - Animal Growth and Development (University of Illinois)

Anterior Segment Dysgenesis Forum

Applied Ethology Home Page (University of Saskatchewan)

Aquaculture Health Page

Assessment of Stress during Handling and Transport (Temple Grandin)

Avian Hematology (Clemson University)

AVMA Care for Pets

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Bad Bug Book (U.S. FDA Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition)

Behavioral Principles of Livestock Handling (Temple Grandin)

Biology and Epidemiology of Filarial Nematodes

Biology of External Parasites on Cattle (University of Florida)

Biology of the Mammary Gland (NIH)

Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (USDHHS/PHS/CDC/NIH)

Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy

Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (IAO)

Bovine Theriogenology Images (Kansas State University)

Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVDV)

Brakke Consulting, Inc.

BSE Page - Bundesamtes für Veterinärwesen

Bugs in the News (University of Kansas)

C [top]

Canadian Dairy Research Network

Canine Diabetes Owner Information

Canine Genetic Resource

Canine Immunogenetics Page (University of California-Davis SVM)

Canine Transitional Cell Carcinoma Resources

Caring for Pets with Cancer - An Online Pocketbook (Kevin Hahn, DVM, PhD)

Charles Rivers Labs Technical Publications

Chemical and Biological Agents

Chimpanzees in Research: Strategies For Their Ethical Care, Management, and Use

Common Disorders and Care of Pet Hedgehogs

Common Freshwater Fish Diseases

Commonsense Guide to Feeding Your Dog and Cat (CVMA)

Complementary / Alternative Veterinary Treatments for Pets (UK)

Cornell University Poisonous Plants Page

Cryptosporidium/Coccidial Research (Kansas State University)

CyanoSite - Cyanobacterial Research (Purdue University)

D [top]

Deafness in Dogs & Cats

Dog Genome Project

Dr. Temple Grandin Animal Welfare, Housing, and Transportation

E [top]

E. Coli Reference Center (Pennsylvania State University)

Effects of Drugs on Laboratory Values

Egg Nutrition Center

Ehrlichiosis - A Silent and Deadly Killer

Electronic Zoo

EMS and Veterinary Medicine Page

Entamoeba Homepage


Equine Parasitology (University of Kentucky)

Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (Clara K. Fenger, DVM, PhD, DACVIM)

Equine Strangles Information Page

Equine Tetanus Information Page

Erythro-Site Internet Malarial Resources

Extension Food Safety Education Database

EXtension TOXicology NETwork

External Parasites of Dairy Goats (University of Florida)

F [top]

Farrier & Hoofcare Resource Center

Feline Chronic Renal Failure Information Center

Feline Diabetes Homepage

Feline Infectious Peritonitis (Alice M. Wolf, DVM)

Feline Leukemia Support Site

FilGenNet - Filarial Genome Network


Food Safety Information Retrieval System (North Carolina Cooperative Extension)

Food Safety Project (Iowa State University Extension)

Foot and Mouth Disease Monthly Report - NIAH (Japan)

Fumonisin Toxicity in Horses

H [top]

Hagen Avicultural Research Institute

Hardin Meta Directory Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

Holistic Veterinary Resources

Horse Health Care Articles

Horseman's Notebook Index

I [top]

Immunogenetics of Bovine Leukemia Virus Infection in Cattle (U. of Illinois)

Institute for Genetic Disease Control in Animals

Integrated Control of Ticks and Tick-Borne Diseases (University of Utrecht)

Internal Parasites of Horses (Clemson University)

J [top]

Johne's Information Center (University of Wisconsin)

L [top]

Laminitis Page


Leptospira HomePage

Life cycle Eimeria (Coccidia)

List of Bacterial Names with Standing in Nomenclature (Ecole Natl Vétérinaire)

Livestock Library (Kansas State University)

Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease Network

M [top]

Malaria Database (WHO)

Mastitis Informational Resources

Mastitis of Dairy Cows (Université de Liège)

Microinjection Workshop

Multilingual Dictionary of the Horse

N [top]

National Food Safety Database

Natural Holistic Pet Care

NBBG - Nebraska Behavioral Biology Group

NIEHS Transgenic Model Studies

Normal Bacterial Flora of Animals (University of Wisconsin)

Nutrient Requirements of Rabbits (NRC)


O [top]

OnchoNET - Onchocerciasis Information Repository

Oncolink Veterinary Oncology


P [top]

Parasites and Parasitological Resources (Ohio State University)

Parasites of Sheep (Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development)

Parasitological URL's

Parasitology (University of Pennsylvania)

Parasitology Pages (Queensland University of Technology - Australia)

Patellar Luxation

Pet Assure

Pets Need Dental Care, Too

Picornavirus Home Page (Institute for Animal Health, Pirbright Laboratory)

Primer on Molecular Genetics (US-DOE)

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Psittacosis (Chlamydia Psittaci Infections) in Pet Birds

Purdue Pork Page Publications

Q [top]


R [top]

Rabbit FAQ's

Rabies (Pasteur Institute)

Rational Empirical Antimicrobial Therapy in Small Animals (Univ. of Georgia)

Rotavirus Online

S [top]

Seizures in Dogs (Ohio State University CVM)

Spermatology Home Page (Murdoch University)

Strange Foreign Objects in Dog Feces

Stroud Video Productions Bovine Reproduction

T [top]

Tick Paralysis in Domestic Animals in Australia

Trichinella Page (Columbia University)

U [top]

University of Arizona Laboratory Animal Class Notes

University of California Cooperative Extension Livestock and Natural Resources

Use of Laboratory Animals in Biomedical and Behavioral Research (NRC)

V [top]

Vermont SIRI Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health Information

Vet Advantage Program

Vet's Corner (Parrot Society of Australia)

VetCare (Finland)

Veterinary Acupuncture Page

Veterinary Dentistry

Veterinary Epidemiology (University of Illinois)

Veterinary Ophthalmology InfoCentre

Veterinary Parasitology (University of Missouri)

Veterinary Transplant Services, Inc.

Veterinários especialista em Vigilância Sanitária (Brazil)

VetScape/GUVZS Veterinary Zoological Information Resource Project

VIN Oncology Gateway

Virus Databases On-line

Vision Science - Internet Resource for Research in Human and Animal Vision

W [top]

WHIP - Wildlife Health Information Partnership

Wildlife Medical Clinic (University of Illinois)

Wildlife Medicine (Italian Academy of Veterinary Informatics)

World Equine Health Network

World Health Organization Veterinary Public Health Programme

World Wide Equine, Inc. Horse Dentistry

WWW Virtual Library: Mycology

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Your Animal's Health

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Zoonosis Web Page

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