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ADDS - Agricultural Databases for Decision Support

Advanced Technology Corporation VetStar

Advanced Veterinary Services / Ranch Vision

Advanced Veterinary Systems

Affordable Software

AgDB - Directory of Agriculture-Related Databases, Datasets, and Information S

AGIS - Agricultural Genome Information Server

AgNIC Animal Science Page

AltaPoint Data Systems, L.L.C. Veterinary Practice Management

Amber Computer Solutions, Inc. AutoVet

ANGIS - Australian National Genomic Information Service (University of Sydney)

Animal Information Management Pty. Ltd.

ANRSI - Agriculture and Natural Resources Software Inventory (USDA)

AquaFind - Ascot International Fish Database

AT Veterinary Systems

Australian Venom and Toxin Database

Autotoot Autotutorial Software (University of California-Davis)

AVIMark Practice Management Software

AVMA Secretariat to SNOMED International

B [top]

Blue Marlin Veterinary Practice Management System

Britton's Wise Computers Practice Management Software

Business Data Systems Ltd Veterinary Computer Systems

C [top]

Carcinogenic Potency Database Project

CDC Wonder

Clinical Pathology Profiles Software for Windows

Community of Science Database

Complete Clinic Software

ComputerWare (UK)

CompuVet Information Systems

Connect Computers Veterinary Centres (UK)

CONSULTANT - Computer Diagnostic Support System (Cornell University)

CRIS USDA Research Database

CRISP Database (USPHS Computer Retrieval of Information on Scientific Projects

D [top]

Databasics Information Systems Ltd PracticeMaster Software (UK)

Doty Veterinary Software VetMaster

DVM Manager Veterinary Practice Management Software

E [top]

EC Veterinary Softare

Edu-Tech Info for Veterinary Medicine

F [top]

FARAD - Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank

FEDIX Opportunity Alert

Ferdinand Enke Verlag Veterinary Software

FishVet, Inc.

Frontiers in Bioscience Virtual Library

G [top]

GCS - General Computer Systems, Inc.


GuideStar - Donor's Guide to the NonProfit Universe

H [top]

Haz-Map Occupational and Environmental Toxicology Database

HazDat - Hazardous Substance Release/Health Effects Database

Hegarty Business Systems Swift DVL Software

Heit Veterinary Services, Inc.

HENSA - Higher Education National Software Archive

Herrin Software Development Faunix Veterinary Practice Management Software

I [top]

Impromed, Inc. Veterinary Practice Management Software

Information Systems for Biotechnology (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and Stat

Informavet ALIS-VET Veterinary Practice Management Software

Inroads Interactive

Internet Grateful Med - National Library of Medicine

IntraVet Veterinary Practice Management Systems

ISIS - International Species Information System

ITEC Remote Veterinary Consultants

J [top]

Japan Animal Genome Database

Java-based Molecular Biology Work Bench

Johnson Associates Veterinary Billing Accounts Receivable

K [top]

KeepTrack - Graham's Databases

KEGG - Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes

L [top]

LabCat Toxicology /Pathlogy Software

M [top]

M-R-Dx Veterinary Scientific Software

Martindales's Reference Desk Calculators Online

MicroPet Veterinary Practice Management Software

Midshire Veterinary Computer Systems

N [top]

NACAD - North American Control Animal Database

NASD - National Ag Safety Database

NDDF - First DataBank National Drug Data File

Neighborhood Pet Clinic Veterinary Office Software

NIH Office of Extramural Research Award Data


NOVAGate - Nordic Gateway to Information in Veterinary, Forestry and Agricultu

NTM Consulting Services, Inc. Sirius Software

NuSoft Technologies Veterinarians Office System Software

P [top]

PAWS Veterinary Practice Management Software

Pedro's BioMolecular Research Tools

Pharminfo DrugDB Drug Information Resources

PhenomSoft, Inc. Software Creations

PowerVet Office Automation Software

PREX Biomedical Database Service

Progressive Veterinary Software, Inc. FoxVet

Project VetMedia (Free University of Berlin)

PSI - Professionals' Software, Inc.

R [top]

ReQuest Ltd. Computer Consulting

RxList - The Internet Drug Index

S [top]

SI Units

SisVet (Brazil)

SmartPractice, Inc.

Sneakers Software, Inc. DVMax Veterinary Practice Management Software

SNOMED International

Somat Coporation Data Acquisition Systems & Data Analysis Software

STO Internet Patent Search System

STUDVET Equine Stud Operations Management Software

SysWare Healthcare Systems, Inc.

T [top]

Taxonomic Hierarchy Project (Royal [Dick] School of Veterinary Studies Edinbur

TechnoVet Informática e Consultoria Ltda

TEKTRAN - USDA-ARS Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System

Texas Medical Informatics, Inc.

Total Re-call

Tuskegee University SVM Biomedical Information Management Systems

U [top]

Univeristy of California-Davis Health System Center for Medical Informatics

USDA AWIC CARE CD-ROM (Compendium of Animal REsources)

USDA Economics and Statistics System

USDA NASS Agricultural Statistics

USDA National Dairy Database

USDA/FDA HACCP Training Programs and Resources Database

UVIS - Universal Veterinary Information System (Ross Group, Inc. Client Server

V [top]

V/BOSS - Veterinary Business Office Software System (CRT Systems, Inc.)

Vet's Pet Software

VetAid Business Administration System

VetBooks (Tower Software, Inc.)

VETcalc Practice Excel Program

VetCare Veterinary Practice Management Software

VETECH Software Services, Inc.

Veterinary Network Web Sites

Veterinary Software Publishing, Inc. ClienTrax Veterinary Practice Manager

Veterinary Software Solutions

VetLink Veterinary Practice Management Software

Vetocom Software (France)

VetSoft Diagnostic and Clinical Veterinary Software

Vetsone Software


Virginia-Maryland Regional CVM Veterinary Medical Informatics Program

Vision Computing

Visionarian Veterinary Practice Management Software Corporation

Visual Cavet Veterinary Practice Management Software (Brazil)

VMDB - Veterinary Medical Database (Purdue University SVM)

Vosco Technologies VetSoft

VPS Veterinary Information Manager

VWin / VMac

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