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3M Innovation Network

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Aardvark Pet

AB Technology Embryo Transfer

Abbeyvet Export Ltd (UK)

Abbott Laboratories

Absolute X-Ray Solutions

Access Technologies

Accurate Chemical & Scientific Corporation

Accurate Surgical and Scientific Instruments Corporation

ACES Animal Care Equipment & Services, Inc.

Adequan (Luitpold Pharmaceuticals)

AGEN Medical and Veterinary Diagnostics

Agouron Pharmaceuticals



Agribusiness, Food Industry & Forest Industry Associations on the Internet


AgriOne Internet Agricultural Marketing Company

Agropharm Limited

Agway, Inc.

Air Animal

Air-Tite Products Co., Inc. Syringes

Airo Clean, Inc. Cleanrooms

AirSep Corporation Oxygen Concentrator and Generator Manufacturers

Airsept, Inc.

Alcala Pet Care

Alconox, Inc. Detergents, Cleaning Supplies & Equipment

Allen's Veterinary Wholesale Supply

Allentown Caging Equipment Company, Inc.

Allerpet, Inc. Allergey Information Site

AllFlex USA, Inc. Electronic ID

AllPets Yellow Pages

Alza Corporation

AM Bickford, Inc. Anesthesia Equipment

American Animal Health, Inc. Autogenous Bacterins

American Colloid Company

American Cyanamid

American Health & Safety

American Home Products Corporation

American Ingenuity, Inc. Advanced Safety Technology Products

American Radiolabeled Chemicals, Inc.

Amgen, Inc.

Amylin Pharmaceuticals

Anderson's Timesaving Comparative Guides

Andis Co. Electric Grooming Clippers

Andover Coated Products

Animal Blood Bank

Animal Health Company, Ltd. (UK)

Animal Health Sales, Inc.

Animal Information Management Pty. Ltd.

Animal Instinct

Animal Kingdom

Animal Lovers Pet Products

Animal Medic, Inc. Animal Health, Pet and Farm Supplies

Animal Science Products, Inc.

Animal Spectrum, Inc. Exotic Animal Diets

Animal Technologies, Inc.

Animal Ultrasound Services

Animal World Online Specialty Store

AnimalScan Ultrasound Scanning Services (UK)

Anomeric, Inc. Microbial Diagnostic Products

Antec International Ltd.

Anuenue Srcubs by Lolehana Maui

APO Health Online

Aquarium Products (Warner-Lambert)

Aquarium World Market


Aquatic Interiors

Aquatic Technology

Archie McPhee & Company

Arizona Instrument Corporation

Arm & Hammer

Arma Tool & Dye Company

Armbrook Antiques Veterinarian Shelves

Arnold's Unique Pet Products

Arnolds Veterinary Products Ltd. (UK)

Assorted Pet Related 800 Numbers

Astra Pharmaceutical

Atrix Laboratories, Inc. Drug Delivery Systems

Austin Innovations Lighting Products

AVDA - American Veterinary Distributors Association

AVID - American Veterinary Identification Devices

B [top]

B&K Universal Ltd.

BAbCO - Berkeley Antibody Company

Baker Company Safety Cabinets & Hoods

Barber & Lundberg Veterinary Supplies

Barber Medical (UK)

BASF Corporation


Baxter International, Inc.

Bayer Advantage Flea Adulticide Page

Bayer Brazil

Bayer Equine WellCare Program

Becton Dickinson & Co.

Befour Veterinary Scales

Behlen Manufacturing Company Building Systems & Livestock Equipment

Bel-Art Scienceware

Bell Environmental Services

Bellco Glass, Inc.

Bergen Brunswig Medical Corporation

Best Friend Pet Tags

Bestar Laboratories Group

Betzer Pharmaceuticals & Co.

Big Beam Emergency Systems, Inc. Emergency Lights

Bilaney Consultants Scientific Equipment

Bio-Reg Regulatory and Clinical Consulting Services


Bio-Synthesis, Inc.

Bio-Tek Industries, Inc.

Biochemical Veterinary Research, Pty. Ltd.

Biodisc, Inc. Photomicrographs



Biolog, Inc.

Biomark Electronic Identification

BioMedtrix Veterinary Implants

Bionor Diagnostic Systems

Bioptechs, Inc.

Biopure Corporation Blood Subsitute

BIOS Biochemicals



BioTech Instruments, Ltd.

BioWhittaker, Inc.

Bisco International, Inc. Adhesive & Composite Technology


Bob Dunn Animal Services


Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health, Inc.

Bovine Elite, Inc.

Bowie Manufacturing Co. Portable Veterinary X-Ray

Braintree Scientific, Inc. Research Equipment

Branson Ultrasonics Corporation

Braun & Company Ltd Medical & Veterinary Equipment

Brenoe Communication Public Relations Agency (Denmark & Scandinavia)

Brisky Pet Products

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Britz-Heidbrink, Inc. Animal Cages

Brooklyn Thermometer Company, Inc.

Brymill Cryogenic Systems

Buckshire Corporation

Burns Veterinary Supply

Burton Medical Lighting Products

C [top]

Cabana Systems, Inc

Calgon Corporation

California Avian Laboratory

California Veterinary Supply

Canbrands International Ltd. Animal Bedding

Cardinal Associates, Inc.

Cardiophone Veterinary Electrocardiography

Care Pet Natural Products

Carl Zeiss North America

Carthage Veterinary Service, Ltd. (Carthage, IL)

CDMV, Inc.

Cellomics, Inc.

Charles River Laboratories, Inc.

Chemilizer Products, Inc. (Medicator.Com)

CIDtech Research Inc.

Clark Cages, Inc.

Clark Consulting International, Inc.

Classic Medical Supply, Inc. Ultrasound Systems

Cobequid Life Sciences Inc.

Cole-Parmer Instrument Company


Collaborative Biomedical Products

Columbus Instruments

Compendium of Veterinary Products

Complete Clinic Software

CompuPed Genetic Heritage Information Database Management System

CompuServe PetsForum

Conklin Company, Inc.

Contech Electronic Animal Training Aides


Coulbourn Instruments

Coulter Corporation

Covance Research Products

Coyote Bay Instruments

Crawford Equipment and Engineering Co., Inc. Animal Cremation/Incineration

Crossfield Product Coroporation Dex-O-Tex

CSL Pharmaceuticals

CytRx Corporation

D [top]

DACO Blade Sharpening

DAKO Corporation

Darnell Casters

Data Sciences International

Dataq Instruments, Inc.

Datum Filing Systems, Inc.

DDx, Heatwatch

Defend Insectisides (Schering-Plough Animal Health Corporation)

Dekomed Limited HealthCare Washing & Thermal Disinfection

Delasco Dermatologic Supplies

Deprenyl Animal Health, Inc.


DLC Australia Pty Ltd Veterinary Equipment

DLM Enterprises - Medical, Pharmaceutical & Veterinary Photographic Art Prints

Dodgen Industries, Inc. Mobile Clinics


Dow Chemical Company

Dr. Goodpet

DRE Medical Refurbished Medical Equipment

Dri-Dek Corporation

Drs. Foster & Smith Pet Products

Dualle Products Odor Control and Sanitation

DuPont Merck Pharmaceutical Company

Dyets, Inc.

Dynamic Imaging Ltd.

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E-Source Buyers Guide

Eastman Kodak Co. X-Ray Film and Processors

EdgeWise Sharpening

Edstrom Industries, Inc.

Elanco Animal Health

Eli Lilly & Company

Ellman International, Inc.

Endocrine Technologies, Inc.

Endoscopy Support Services, Inc.

Engler Engineering Scalers & Polishers

Environmental Tectonics Corporation Autoclaves

Enzyme Resource Group

EON Environmental Odor Neutralizer - Bayard Corporation Latham Products Division

Equitronics Diagnostic and Therapy Equipment

Exopol Autogenous Vaccines

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Facts Online Guide to Hot U.S. Technology Companies

Feed Store


Find-A-Pet ID Tags

Fine Science Tools

First State Veterinary Supply, Inc.

Fisher Scientific

FishVet, Inc.

Flavine International, Inc.


Flexi USA Retractable Leashes

Forma Scientific

Fort Dodge Animal Health

Four Flags Over Aspen Pet Care Products

Freezedry Specialities, Inc.

Fuller Laboratories

Fur Buster

G [top]

G.C. Hanford Manufacturing Company

GCS - General Computer Systems, Inc.

Gemini Biopages

Gempler's Agricultural Products

Genetic Identification Services

Genetic Models, Inc.

Getinge Skärhamn AB Autoclaves

Gilson, Inc. Pipettes & Tips

Girton Manufacturing Company, Inc.


Glo-Marr-Kenic, Inc.

Goodaire USA Ultraviolet Air Purification Systems

Groupe Louis Sanders Animal Feed Specialists

Grupo CS

Guardian Pet Specialties

H [top]

H.U.B. International Pet Products

Hallowell Engineering and Manufacturing Corporation Veterinary Anesthesia

Harlan Isotec Flexible Film Isolators

Harlan Sprague Dawley, Inc.

Harlan Teklad Laboratory Animal Diets

Harlmen Corporation Veterinary Products

Harrison Veterinary Equipment

Harvard Apparatus, Inc.

Hawaii Mega-Cor, Inc. Veterinary Supplies

Heinz Pets Unleashed

Henry Schein, Inc.

Heska Corporation

HESP Technology Srl

Hill's Pet Nutrition

HLS Veterinary Biological Products

Hoechst AG

Horst Company Kennel Runs, Cages, and Accessories

Hot-Shot Agricultural Products

HydroSurge Animal Bathing Systems

Hymed Group Woundcare

Hymedix International, Inc.

HyperCLDB - Hypertext Cell Line Data Base

I [top]

IAMS Company

ICE Corporation Veterinary Medicine Electronics

ICN Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

ID Technology, Inc.

Ideal Instruments

IITC, Inc. Life Science Instruments

Inno-Vet (CA) on the Internet

Innovative Animal Products

Instrument Technology, Inc. Endoscopes


Intermed Exportation France

InterMetro Industries Corporation

International Ingredient Corporation

International Rx Specialty Company

Internet Medical Product Guide


InterVet Veterinary Products

Intervet, Inc.

Invisible Fence Company, Inc.

ISPEX - International Scientific Products Exchange

ITEC Remote Veterinary Consultants

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J-B Pet Supplies, Inc.

J.A. Webster, Inc.

J.B. Supply, Ltd.

Jeffers Vet Supply

Johnson & Johnson

K [top]

Karl Storz Endoscopes

Kent Scientific Corporation

Kimberly-Clark Animal Care Products

Kong Toys

Kryo Kinetics Associates, Inc.

KV Vet Supply

L [top]

Lab Products, Inc.

Lab Safety Supply


Labconco Corporation

LabTrader, a Scientific Equipment Cooperative

Lange Dryers

Life Technologies - Gibco BRL

LifeArt Professional Medical & EMS Computer Illustrations

LifeLearn, Inc.

Linscott's Directory of Immunological and Biological Reagents

LiquiVite Liquid Foods

Luitpold Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

M [top]

M & B Breeding and Research Centre Ltd.

Marquette Medical Systems Patient Monitoring

Maryland Plastics

Masalles Commercial Incubators

Mateflex-Mele Corporation Flooring

MDS Matrx Veterinary Equipment

Meca Veterinary Pharmaceuticals

Medelex, Inc. Imaging Products


Medico Used Medical Equipment

MEDMarket Virtual Industrial Park

MedRx, Inc. Video Scopes

MedSafe Veterinary Safety Program

Merck & Co., Inc.

Merritt Naturals

Metal Tech Products, Inc.

MetroLease Equipment Leasing

MidMark Medical Products

Midshire Veterinary Computer Systems

Miller Veterinary Supply

MillPledge Human and Veterinary Healthcare

Misonix Inc. Hoods & Ultrasonic Cleaners


MoorMan's, Inc.

Mortar & Pestle Pharmacy

MWI Veterinary Supply Co.

MycoTox, Inc.

Myriad Ultrasound Systems Ltd.

N [top]

N.I.M.B.Y. Animal Repellant Spray

Nalge Nunc International Labware

NASCO Catalogs

National Band & Tag Company

National Biotech Register

National Consumer Complaint Center

National Microscope Exchange

National Pet Cages

National Pet Registry

Nature Biotechnology Directory

Nature's Pet Marketplace

NaviCyte's Guide to the Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Universe

Needi Safety Supply Corporation

Nelco Laboratories

Nellcor Puritan Bennett Monitoring Equipment

NetVet Commercial page

NNQ, Inc.

Noah's Pet Supplies

NOBL Laboratories, Inc.

Nonin Veterinary Pulse Oximeters

North American Drager

Novartis Animal Health

Novartis Animal Health Canada, Inc.

Nuaire, Inc. Safety Cabinets & Hoods

Nuclear Associates Radiology Instruments & Accessories

O [top]

Ohmeda Anesthesia and Critical Care Products

Online Medical Sales Network

Optech International Ltd. Imaging Systems

Orphan Medical, Inc.

Ortho-Bean Pet Bed

OsteoMetrics, Inc.

Oxyfresh Pet Care Products

Oxytec, Inc. Veterinary Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers

P [top]

Pace Scientific, Inc.

Palco Labs Pulse Oximeters

Pall Gelman Sciences

Paramedical e Pokler PKL


Paws to Remember Cards

PEMED - Production Engineering - Medical Equipment Division

Pet 2000 Pet Products

Pet Assure

Pet Care Pharmacy

Pet Care Wholesale Distributors, Inc.

Pet Direct Heartland Veterinary Wholesale Products

Pet Doors USA, Inc.

Pet Expo

Pet Galaxy

Pet I.D. Tags

Pet Pouch

Pet Product News Magazine

Pet Products Plus, Inc. Pet Foods


PetMarket Discount Online Pet Catalog

PetNet Pet Supplies

PetSage Pet Health Care Products and Information




PetWise Health Insurance






Pharmx, Inc. Animal Health Technology Division

PI Medical Cold Therapy

Pie Medical Diagnostic Ultrasound Devices

Pipestone Veterinary Supply


PMI Nutrition

Precision Weighing Balances

Proctor & Gamble


Professional Embryo Transfer Supply, Inc.

ProSciTech Microscopy Supplies & Accessories


Purebred Company Dog & Cat Food

Purina Pet Care Center

Q [top]

Qosina Corporation Medical Supplies

R [top]

Radiation Concepts, Inc. X-Ray Accessories

Ralston Purina Company

Ration Plus Animal Health Products

RDC Corporation

Redmark Surgical Cradles

Rees Scientific Environmental Control Monitoring Systems

Replacement Parts Industries, Inc.

Respond Systems, Inc. Pulsing Electromagnetic Field Therapy


RidgeRX Veterinary Compounding


Rolf C. Hagen, Inc.

Rusch, Inc. Medical Supplies

S [top]

Saf-T-Pak, Inc. Infectious Substance Packaging

Sanochemia Group

Sanofi Veterinaria


Schiller AG Electrocardiographs & Patient Monitors

Schott Fibre Optics (UK) Limited

Scientific Supply Source, Inc.


SE Lab Group, Inc. Systems Engineering


Sequus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Sergeant's Pet Central

SF Services, Inc.

Shenandoah Manufacturing Co., Inc. Animal Crematories

Sherwood, Davis, & Geck

Sigma Chemical Company

Silesia Companies, Inc. Live Animal Trade & Transport

Skincare Glove Company

Skytron Surgical Products

SmithKline Beecham

Solid Gold Health Products for Pets, Inc.

Solvay Company

Sonic Technology

Specialized Veterinary Imaging

Speedy Pet Tags

SSR Surgical Instruments

StatSpin Centrifuges

Steele Surgical Supply

Steritech, Inc.

Stockguard Laboratories (NZ) Limited

Stokes Medical Arts Pharmacy

Sunlite Sales Pet Carriers

T [top]

Tack In The Box



Tenax Extruded Plastic Fences, Nets and Grids


Therion Corporation Animal DNA Testing Laboratory

Thomas Laboratories

Thomas Scientific Laboratory Equipment & Supplies

Thornell Odorcides

TPT Inc. Veterinary Emblems

Trademark Medical

Triple Dental Equipment

Troy Biologicals, Inc.

TW Medical Veterinary Product Division

U [top]

U.S. Surgical

Ultra Bio-Logics, Inc.

Universal Medical Systems Diagnostic Ultrasound

V [top]

VAPCO Horse Care Products

Vaportek, Inc. Air Treatment Products

VCA - Veterinary Centers of America

Vedco Veterinary Products

Vee Gee Scientific, Inc. Laboratory Equipment & Supplies

Velcro Companies


Venom Supplies

Very Very Veterinary Professional Veterinary Products

VES - Veterinary Endoscopy Services

Vet Advantage Program

Vet Supply

Vet-Dek Postcard Advertising Decks

Vetafarm Australia Pty. Ltd.

VetArk/VetGen Europe

VETEC - Meß- und Veterinärtechnik

Vetefarma S.r.l.

Veterinary Drugs & Chemicals

Veterinary Dynamics, Inc.

Veterinary Herbal Medicine

Veterinary Laboratory Association Quality Assurance Program

Veterinary Mall

Veterinary Product News

Veterinary Resource Corporation

Veterinary Transplant Services, Inc.

VetGen, LLC

Vetimagem Centro de Diagnóstico Veterinário (Brazil)

Vetlab Supplies (UK)

Vicki Martin Design

Vita-Flex Nutrition Co., Inc.

Vitalaire, Inc.


Virtual Library - Vet Med

VMRD, Inc.

VPI - Veterinary Pet Insurance

VWR Scientific Products

W [top]

Wahl Clipper Corporation

Waltham World of Pet Care

Warner-Lambert Company

Watkins & Son Pet Supplies

Weimer Pharma GmbH

Western Medical Supply, Inc.

Whitehall-Robins Healthcare

Whittemore Enterprises, Inc. Refurbished Medical Equipment Center

Wildlife Pharmaceuticals

World Animal Registry

World Equine Health Network

World Wide Equine, Inc. Horse Dentistry


Wyoming DnaVaccine, LLC

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Xi Tec, Inc. X-ray Fluoroscopy Systems

Y [top]

Yerba de Oro

Z [top]


Zivic-Miller Laboratories

Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc.

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