Veterinary Book List

In addition to all the James Herriot books, including his
latest, Every Living Thing, there are a number of books written
by and about veterinarians and veterinary medicine.  A few
choices are listed below.

 1.  Doctor, Matilda's in Labor, by James A. Porter.
 2.  Most of my Patients are Animals and Best of RMM, by Robert M. Miller.
 3.  A Veterinary Odyssey, by Frank H. Manley
 4.  The Several Lives of a Victorian Vet, by Jean Ware and Hugh Hunt.
 5.  Women in Veterinary Medicine: Profiles of Success, by Sue Drum and
     H. E. Whiteley.
 6.  In Sickness and In Love, by Seymour Gasofer.
 7.  Phyllis, Phallus, Genghis Cohen, & Other Creatures I Have Known, by
     Fredric Frey.
 8.  If wishes were horses, by Loretta Gage and Nancy Gage.
 9.  Mark Morris: Veterinarian, by Willard C. Haselbush.
10.  Vet on the Wild Side, Is There a Doctor in the Zoo?, Zoo vet:
     Adventure of a Wild Animal Doctor, and Next Panda, Please,
     by David Taylor.
11.  On Four Legs and Two, by J. Stirling.
12.  A Man of the Country, by W.M. Henderson.
13.  A Vet's Tale - the Passing Years, by T.W. Stobo.
14.  Aleen Cust Veterinary Surgeon.  Britain's First Woman Vet,
     by. C.M. Ford
15.  The Making of a Woman Vet, by Sally Haddock.

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