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 Cloning (3)
 Genome (52)
 * Advanced Genetic Analysis Center (University of Minnesota)
 * AgBiotechNet
 * Bioinformatics Resources
 * Blazing a Genetic Trail (HHMI)
 * Canine Genetic Resource (AcmePet)
 * Canine Genetics Glossary
 * Canine Immunogenetics Page (University of California-Davis SVM)
 * CGIL - Centre for Genetic Improvement of Livestock (University of Guelph)
 * Elsevier Technical Tips Online
 * FASTA Protein Sequence Database (University of Virginia)
 * GeneClinics Medical Genetics Knowledge Base
 * Genes and Disease (NCBI)
 * Gene School
 * Genetics Glossary
 * Genetics and the Origin of Species (NAS)
 * Genetics and Neurogenetics Databases
 * Guide to Genetic Diseases in Dogs (AVAR)
 * Institute for Genetic Disease Control in Animals
 * Medical Genetics (Colorado State University)
 * MendelWeb
 * Natural History of Genes (University of Utah)
 * Natural History of Genes (Utah Museum of Natural History)
 * Neurogenetics (UT Memphis)
 * Nonhuman Primate Genetics Typing Lab (Trinity University)
 * Oak Ridge National Laboratory Computational Biosciences
 * Primer on Molecular Genetics (US-DOE)
 * Quantitative Genetics Resources
 * Recombinant DNA Technology Course (University of Minnesota)
 * Community of Science Transgenic Animals and Gene Targeting PI Database
 * RNA World (IMB Jena)
 * SHIGEN - Shared Information of Genetic Resources (Japan)
 * The DNA Files
 * Transgenic Bagel
 * University of California-Davis Horse Genetics Page
 * Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals (University of Sydney)
 * Virtual FlyLab
 * Referral Center for Animal Models of Human Genetic Disease (University of Pennsylvania)
 * Report and Recommendations of the Panel to Assess the NIH Investment in Research on Gene Therapy
 * University of California-San Diego Biochemical Genetics Laboratory Veterinary Diagnostic Services
 * Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (University of California-Davis)

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