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 * American Interactive Healthcare Professionals Survey
 * Biologist & the WWW Overview
 * British Medical Journal Website Scales Up
 * Assessing, Controlling, and Assuring the Quality of Medical Information on the Internet (JAMA)
 * Evaluating Health-related Web Sites
 * Internet & Health Information - Changing Face of Information
 * Medical Computing Today
 * Navigating to Knowledge (JAMA)
 * OMNI Advisory Group for Evaluation Criteria
 * References about the Quality of Medical Information
 * Science Panel on Interactive Communication and Health
 * Survey of Internet Clinical Medicine Applications
 * Thinking Critically About Information on the Web
 * World Wide Web Usability (IJHCS)
 * Computers and the Quality of Care - A Clinician's Perspective (NEJM)
 * Criteria for Assessing the Quality of Health Information on the Internet
 * med-PICS Collaboration for Critical Appraisal of Medical Information on the Internet

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