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 * ACM SIG CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
 * CALF - Computer Assisted Learning Facility (UC - Davis)
 * Edu-Tech Info for Veterinary Medicine
 * Electronic Syllabi (Tuskegee University SVM)
 * Ferdinand Enke Verlag
 * Food Safety CAI (University of Illinois)
 * ILINK to HTML Translator (University of Georgia)
 * IMSEnet - Instructional Materials in Science Education
 * Interactive Veterinary Courseware (Iowa State University)
 * Interactive Multimedia Laboratory (Iowa State University)
 * Interactive Respiratory Physiology (Johns Hopkins)
 * Multimedia Development Lab (Kansas State University)
 * Project VetMedia (Free University of Berlin)
 * Academic Technology Center Image Server (Ohio State University CVM)
 * BIMS - Biomedical Information Management Systems (Tuskegee University)
 * VETCPD Project on Computer Assisted Distance Learning (UK)
 * Veterinary Medicine VRML Server (University of Georgia)
 * Computer Graphics Alternatives to Animal Subject Use in Medical Education (Purdue University)
 * VSNS BioComputing Course
 * MOTIVE - Missouri Technology Infrastructure for Veterinary Education
 * NC State College of Agriculture & Life Sciences Administrative & Instructional Computing
 * Purdue University Advance Imaging Group Videodisk Development and Use
 * Teaching Veterinary Epidemiology (Ken Geter, Colorado State University)
 * University of Pennsylvania SVM Computer-Aided Learning Project
 * VM 9114 - Clinical Problem Solving (Virginia-Maryland Regional CVM)
 * VP 370 - Computer Based Information Competency for Veterinarians (University of Illinois CVM)

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